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Born in South Africa, among beautiful Protea farms and fields of Cosmos, I was introduced to floral artistry at a young age, but I didn't know it would become my life's passion until I moved to the United States of America. Back home, I had a busy life with a PhD in Industrial Sociology and academic career as a researcher on political trends. When my husband was drawn to California for business, it was an opportunity for me to explore a new path.

When I was young, my Aunt and Uncle owned a floral wholesale market in the town of Klerksdorp in South Africa. I spent some vacations helping them pack flowers and was in awe at how artistic my Aunt was with the flowers. Back then, I never imagined it would be my calling too.

Moving to California inspired me to let my naturally creative side out to play. I took a floral design class under the well-respected teacher and coach, Hiromi Yamagata. To my surprise, a talent in floral design was revealed and I couldn't keep myself from learning more. I trained under world-renowned floral designer Phil Rulloda, and branched out even further with studies in pottery, drawing, pastel, watercolor, Ikebana, Feng Shui and Interior Decorating.

All of these artistic experiences contributed to my sense of style, color, and composition as a florist and inspired me to launch my first business, FlorUnique. I was honored to earn numerous Awards, Accolades, reviews and my work was published in many magazines. In 2014, I was featured in a reality show called “Marry Me Today”. I was also the designer for The Knot Couture Show, where I handcrafted a wedding dress made entirely of flowers. I also became a member of the Entertainment Arts Team at Disneyland California (now known as Scenic Fabrication), where I was involved in numerous décor at Disney, including decorating the Haunted Mansion, Wreaths for Small Word, decorating floats and events for Disney’s 50th and 60th celebrations.

I eventually sold my shop and quickly realized that the lure of the business was just too much and so Adore Flowers was born.

I am still a part-time Cast member for Disney, and I received my 15 year service award earlier this year. Today, I use my artistic skills to create original floral decor for my clients' weddings and special events in Los Angeles, and Orange County, working in my floral studio in Redondo Beach.

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